How do operators select e-bike charging posts?

2023-03-07 15:38

The safety hazards of indoor charging of electric vehicles speak for themselves. There was no way in the past, but now community EV charging piles have reached the windfall and become a very promising investment project. I believe that in the near future, community EV charging piles will become an effective tool for property management EV charging safety.

In fact, there are many brands of charging piles in the market, so how to find the right manufacturer and what are the terms of cooperation? At present, Shenzhen's Timely Power smart charging pile supports advanced sweep code charging. Based on IOT technology, mobile communication technology and mobile payment technology, Timely Power EV charging post provides operators with a good operation and management platform. Many operators, many users have given good comments.

There are also many ways of cooperation, which are mainly divided into the following three modes:

I. Direct purchase

Operators/properties purchase equipment directly. Operators and properties negotiate the cooperation model and purchase equipment from manufacturers after finding a good site.

Second, OEM/ODM labeling customization

If customers have demand and want to establish their own brand, timely charging piles can also be customized. According to the customer's demand, the shell style, manual and full set of software of the charging post can be customized. Operators can establish their own brands, promote across regions and operate independently.

Third, join agent

There is no operating fee for joining the battery car charging pile, as long as you have a site, you can join. Whether you are an individual investment or agent. Charging pile business belongs to the investment, long-term income, fast return, later lying to collect money.