Timely Electricity Electric Vehicle Charging Station Infrastructure Construction Considerations

2023-03-07 15:39

1. From the perspective of urban planning, the location of charging stations should take into full consideration the government development plan and the layout restrictions of urban transportation network. To some extent, the site selection determines the size of the charging station, the capacity of the parking space, the flow in and out and the number of charging posts. Once the site selection is determined, a large amount of capital investment is required.

2. From the point of view of electric power site planning, electric vehicle charging station as a medium and low voltage power distribution. The important part of the system should be combined with the current situation of the distribution system, as close to the load center as possible, and meet the requirements of load balance and power quality and power supply reliability.

3. From the perspective of the users of electric vehicles, charging stations should be selected in places where charging demand is concentrated and convenient, and the number of charging piles should be selected in full accordance with the charging demand of residents. Generally speaking, the more the number of population, the more the number of users with charging demand. In addition to the number of population, the charging demand is also related to the economic strength and purchasing power of residents, whose purchasing power is related to the future trend of charging demand.

4, from the selection of charging pile products, according to the charging mode, the charging pile is divided into three types: AC charging pile, DC charging pile, and AC/DC integrated charging pile. Generally speaking, we choose DC charging piles that meet the national requirements when building a station, because of the time saving and high efficiency. As well as the time electricity for example, the DC charging pile for 120KW car can quickly meet the demand of people full on the road and achieve the goal of fast charging. The arrangement of charging equipment should be easy for charging vehicles to park and charging personnel to operate; as well as consider whether it is necessary to install a roof to prevent rain and snow.

5, from the construction qualifications, the construction of charging stations also need to have qualifications such as charging station construction and installation as well as with the power bureau power capacity increase permit; if the black number power is needed, it needs to declare to the national grid for power approval, and the charging pile equipment and charging station power supply system built meet the national standards. At the same time, the location of the charging station should meet the requirements of environmental traffic safety, fire regulations, etc.