Do you know the conditions for the installation of timely electric car charging posts?

2023-03-07 15:45

With the popularity of new energy electric vehicles, people's travel tools are gradually shifting from fuel cars to new energy vehicles, and the demand for charging is gradually rising. Although many car companies advocate "sending piles with the car", but charging piles into the community still need to consider the following conditions.

1、Determine the site

Before the soldiers and horses move, food and grass first. Before installing new energy electric vehicle charging piles in the community, you need to determine the site, survey the community whether there is a site for the installation of charging piles. At the same time, it is also necessary to examine the number of vehicles parked in the site, and choose the appropriate type and number of charging piles according to the number of vehicles to prevent the existence of "zombie piles".

2、Property communication

After the site is determined, you need to communicate with the property whether to allow the installation, the power situation in the community, fire problems and cooperation.

3、Installation conditions

Check the signal condition of the site, whether the site has a carport, whether the carport needs to be installed and the chosen installer must have an electrician's license.

4、Online operation

The car charging pile produced by Timely Power has a perfect operation system, providing remote monitoring and remote upgrade service, simple and efficient, a cell phone can realize online office, easy and convenient.

After the above conditions are considered, you can install the car charging pile.