The first heavy truck exchange station in the Greater Bay Area was put into operation in Shenzhen

2023-03-07 14:54

The first heavy truck exchange station in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area - the Southern Power Grid "Fuhai Xinhe" exchange station was recently put into operation in Shenzhen.

"The station is located in Fuyong Avenue, Baoan District, Shenzhen, near the Fuyong Wharf, a large mixing station terminal in Shenzhen, where the number of round trips of mixing trucks and dump trucks exceeds 5,000 on a single day. The station covers an area of 2557 square meters and is equipped with eight 300-kilowatt chargers, which are like giant rechargeable batteries, replenishing the power for the dismantled batteries. The annual power exchange at the station can reach 9 million kilowatts, with an average of 150 exchanges per day, and the single exchange takes less than 5 minutes, which can effectively meet the power demand of heavy trucks at Fuyong Terminal.

The "Fuhai Xinhe" power exchange station.

It is understood that the "power exchange" will split the electric vehicle and battery, when the vehicle is low on power to the exchange station to replace a fully charged battery can be. For heavy trucks, compared with the charging mode, the power exchange mode can effectively solve the pain points such as scarcity of charging spaces, large battery capacity, long waiting time for charging, fully enhance the utilization rate of heavy trucks, and become an effective solution for the electrification of heavy trucks energy replenishment.

It is reported that the power exchange station adopts the top lifting power exchange technology, and the battery frame configured can be compatible with nearly 20 head car companies for power exchange heavy truck models, and more than 40 models such as mixer truck, dump truck and tractor. At the same time, the intelligent driving system is configured to automatically locate and monitor the vehicles in the station, so as to ensure the smooth and safe conduct of vehicle power exchange.

Next, the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau of the Southern Power Grid will cooperate with the Southern Power Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. to build a power exchange network for heavy trucks in the Greater Bay Area, form a multi-scene and large-scale power exchange industry with cities and ports, continuously improve the charging and changing service capacity, and serve green low-carbon cycle development.